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5 Ways to Know if You Have Found the Right Home

The hunt for the perfect home can be extremely frustrating and take months sometimes years. However, during the home searching process, there becomes a moment when you know that you have found THE ONE! The moment that everyone dreams of. The moment that makes the long wait and stress worth it. You might ask, "how can I be sure that this is the right home for me"?

1. A MUST SEE. Most likely, this is going to be a home that you have to view, one that you cannot wait to get into! When you walk in, something about the home will feel right. Whether it be the style, the sense of comfort that you get, or a handful of other things, something will be welcoming.

2. You see your basic needs being met. Although the home might not check every box, most of the amenities on the list will be there such as the size and number of bedrooms. Maybe the home lacks that extra bathroom you are looking for. Often times, you may quickly be willing to put in the extra bathroom yourself to get the rest of the features the home offers.

3. Immediately you want to paint it your favorite color. Homes that catch our interest have us envisioning how our belongings would fit in the property. Walking through you probably will notice that the living room would look amazing painted your favorite shade of gray. Your bed might fit perfectly along a specific wall in the master bedroom. You may notice that the neighbors contribute to a safe, inviting feel of the street that you cannot wait to be apart of. Eagerness to move in will be high!

4. Looking at other homes is not interesting. The desire to hunt for more homes may be lost as you keep reverting back to this one. Your highest rated home prior might have just dropped down in the rankings.

5. Planning on going back. Getting in the car after leaving the property and immediately wanting to visit again may be a sign. On the other hand, if you do not feel the need to ever go back to the home, you can check it off your list. In the case of wanting to view the home again, ask your agent to set up a second showing and to send you more information regarding the properties' condition.

Sometimes acting quickly on the perfect property is necessary. Other times, you have the chance to sleep on it. Every situation is different. Asking your agent for guidance on your timeline is in your best interest as they can inform you how quickly you might need to act on the property. Evaluate whether or not the home will be functional for you and your family. Will it be close enough to work, school, daycare, etc.? Does it accommodate your budget and possibly a growing family?

Above all else, buying a home is a long-term decision. Make sure you are confident in your purchase and that you have found the one.

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